Build & Sell Blender 3D Models Free Download

This course will provide you with a full step by step tutorial on how to create 3D models using blender from scratch.

This course mainly concentrates on two aspects, the first one is the technical aspect where you will be trained on how to create 3D objects from scratch, efficiently use all of blender features to produce high quality 3D products, and most importantly be able to turn your creative imagination into reality.

Meanwhile, the second aspect focuses on the business perspective where you will learn several potential business models, multiple different marketplaces to sell your 3D models, the most effective pricing and marketing strategy to optimise your sales or even scale up your business.

Technical Aspects:

  • Moving objects
  • Scaling objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Changing colours
  • Join & separate objects
  • Rendering
  • Cutting objects
  • Extruding objects
  • Bevel & chamfer
  • Rotation animation

Business & Marketing Aspects:

  • Potential business models
  • Marketplaces to sell 3D models
  • Effective pricing strategy
  • Efficient marketing strategy

This course also comes with three fully guided projects which are intended to give you opportunities to apply all skills and knowledge you’ve learnt. In the project section, you will build the following:

  1. Soccer ball with combination of two colours (blue and white)
  2. Space rocket launch site (combining a cube, a cylinder, and a cone)
  3. Moon rotates around the earth (animation)



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