Build an app with React, Redux and Firestore from Scratch Free Download

Download Build an app with React, Redux and Firestore from Scratch - Build an app with React., the Redux, and Firestore from scratch, a training course on behalf of the website Udemy is how to build a web application with React Redux, and Firestore from beginning to end to you can. Do you have a favorite you React and Redux, and how to build an application complex to help it become familiar with? Do you intend to database the new Google IE Firestore and how to offer live data in your app as well learn on? So this course is absolutely for you would be appropriate.

In this course, we have a app web fully from the initial stage up to its release, we create. You during the course, with topics varying such as set up the development environment, etc. ability to login and register with Firebase, sign in through social networks, Google, and Facebook, Google Maps, etc. upload the images to the help of drag and drop, add live chat system., the infinite scroll design of the database Firestore, and UI design, professional and modern are familiar and build a web application to fully learn.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Familiar with React and Redux
  • Work with the database Firestore
  • Set up the development environment
  • Ability to login and register with Firebase
  • Log in via social networks, Google and Facebook
  • Google map
  • Upload images to help drag and drop
  • Add live chat system
  • Infinite scroll
  • The design of the database Firestore and UI design

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