Braveheart trading - Market Structure Masterclass

About Course:

What’s Included

  • Market Structure Essentials: Understanding the basics of Market Structure and removing the clarity trading flaw
  • The Higher Time Frames Protocol: How to operate on the Higher Time Frames to always find a directional bias
  • Market Structure Advanced: Taking a quantum leap in understanding Market Structure to an Interbank level
  • Advanced Market Structure with Order Blocks: Utilizing Order Blocks correctly with Advanced Market Structure for plentiful setups
  • Swing Projections for Market Structure Targets: Finding price targets based on Advanced Market Structure
  • High Probability Trading vs. Low Probability Trading: How to analyze trades setups for a sustainable trading career

Who It’s For

  • Traders who repeat the same trading mistakes frequently despite knowing what to do
  • Traders who are suffering from emotional trading, such as revenge trading or rushing trades
  • Traders who want to become funded by a prop-firm long-term
  • Traders who want to want to level up their skills and performance
  • Traders who want a long-lasting career in trading.

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Thankyou brother…I am waiting for this course for a long time

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