Brad Traversy - Modern JavaScript 2.0


A 37-hour master course to take you from beginner to advanced

This is a 37+ hour in-depth course that will take you from the absolute beginning of JavaScript, learning about data types, functions and loops to learning DOM manipulation, asynchronous JS with promises, async/await and much more. You will even learn how to write unit tests for algorithms. We go into how JavaScript works under the hood including execution context, the call stack, event loop, etc. We learn about Webpack tooling and how to create a modern development environment. At the end, we build a Node.js/Express API with a custom Webpack frontend.

What you’ll learn​

  • All of the fundamentals, including variables, data types, functions, scope, etc
  • DOM Manipulation, events and creating dynamic UIs
  • Under the hood topics, like execution context and the call stack
  • Asynchrounous JS including callbacks, promises, async/await
  • Web APIs like geolocation, audio/video, canvas and speech
  • OOP including classes and prototypes
  • Modern environments with with Webpack tooling
  • Bonus: Complete full-stack application with Node.js/Express & Webpack
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Useful Links

  • 37+ hours on-demand video
  • 20+ downloadable resources & docs


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hi, thank you for this uploads, it really helps those who can’t afford or have a credit card to buy this course. one quick question if you don’t mind, how does 37+ hrs video fits in only 5gb+ size? i,m just a little confuse since i download some course about 60hrs but the file size is about 37gb.

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I gathered the content from the internet, and although I am not entirely certain why, my assumption is that the files are smaller due to the fact that the course content consists mainly of screen recordings which are limited to 1080p resolution.

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thanks for the answer.

can you please provide his new course if possible

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@Mohammad_Abbas HERE’S THE NEW COURSE :blush:

Bootstrap 5 From Scratch | Build 5 Modern Websites :blue_heart:


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Thankyou buddy … is there Mega link also available to stream online?

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Thanks for the online stream, buddy

can you send more such streaming courses link

can you add more courses here

@SanTheMan @Kunal_Sawant Unfotunately, my shared drive no longer works and so I can’t.

Thanks for wasting my data and time. Files are not in the correct format. Can’t open them.

You are such a live saver…
Big Big Big Thanks and kudos to you…

can you also provide Brad traversy react course

Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass)
Download link is not working can anyone send

First 12h in now available on Youtube for free.

@momodu_share do you have another source to download it from? archive 2 onwards gives a 503 error. thank you!

all links works fine for me, you had to exceed download limits by downloading other files, that is when 503 occurs

cool thank you! will try again : )