Bizverse udemy not working

I want to ask if anyone is also unable to log on to bizverse udemy business.

ask them on their official telegram chanel/group.

It’s fine on my end.

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Set the password in your Bizverse account and login using that password. It should work!

ok everything is clear now, from the telegram we can read that they are negotiating a new contract with udemy and it may take a few days.
you can close the thread

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Make sure you don’t log out, you won’t be able to log in again


Well, I never log out since I signed in, but thanks for the reminder.

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Yes, me too. I just found it after seeing your post

I’ve never signed out either…or maybe I have cleared my cookies recently that’s why I need to sign back in :frowning:

Yes, your guess was right. If you delete the cookies from your browser, you’ll have to sign in to your accounts again.


my account logout automatically when i am trying to login it gives me this message

You haven’t been invited to this Udemy Business account

Please contact your IT department or manager for help.


@Roshaan_Abid Same here…LOST my account.

any possibilty to get back??

I can’t login either. It seems Bizverse is having troubles with their partnership with Udemy.

Nobody is sure if this service will be back or not. :smiling_face_with_tear:



Hope that it will be back soon :')

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I hope so, it will be back again.