Bitdefender Alternatives

Hello everyone im kindly asking for someone to provide me another antivirus software that provides 90 days trial, My Bitdefender 90 days trial is running out, I have been into Cybersecurity and hacking and have been downloading in pretty suspicious websites, I am afraid that a malware will get pass the antivirus after the trial is gone. (And i also have been recently identified as broke :moyai:.)

You should be able to reinstall a new trial of bitdefender after the 90 days period. I don’t believe that they lock your machine for a new trial. Or am i wrong?
As an alternative most popular antiviruses have trials and also free plans.

Regarding your worries, even the best anti-viruses won’t save you from constant exposition to “suspicious websites”. So the best way to reduce the danger is to just avoid them.

If you still want to go to those type of websites and want to be serious about it, then first you have to accept that infection will happen sooner or latter. This realization/acceptance will put you on the right mind to deal with them.

Here are some ideas with that attitude in mind.

Don’t keep important/essential data in the computer that you use to access those sites. So no bitcoin wallets, saved passwords, no access to website banks, no credit cards, etc

Gain more knowledge about hacking/infection in general.
Use some sandbox tech to access those website.
Use separate emails accounts to register with them.
Have a reasonably good firewall and be actively involved with it.
Keep more than one than one way to access internet (browsers, other means).
Have several tools (each specialized in its own way) to monitor or clean your machine.

etc, etc

Or you can just ignore all or most of the above, just reinstall bitdefender and continue as you have been doing until now. It seem to have been enough.
And being infected is not the end of the world as long as you keep the most important idea of not using that same machine for “essential functions” (as mentioned above).


You should be able to sign up to new 90 day trial using the same email([email protected], [email protected] and so on) and just switching the account to your newly created account and just repeat the same thing, I have been doing the same and it works every time. You don’t even have to reinstall it, just switching the account works.
Hope it helps

The 90day bitdefender trial is sadly no longer available/expired :face_holding_back_tears::sob:.

Mine will also be over in 15 days

I saw a guide for for resetting 30days trail but not remember where

I found another working 90 day Bitdefender trial : Bitdefender Cybersecurity Humanitarian Aid

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Yes, the antivirus is working but there is no unlimited VPN. It has only a 200 Mb per day limit. : (
Is there any unlimited Bitdefender VPN alternative?