BIN - Tidal HiFi for 6 Months [100% Working]

Tidal HiFi for 6 Months

  • Requirement:

    • IP: (USA United States)
  • Steps :

    1. First Go Namso-Gen

      And generate some CC using the Bin- 40606840xxxxxxxx

    2. Now, copy the cards info and go to - LINK

    3. Paste all the cards info and find a Live card.

    4. Now go to LINK: Here

    5. Use your email and hit sign up

      • Now, use one of the live card info you got in the 3rd step.
      • Name- Anything
      • ZIP Code- 90001

Thank you BIN_Master :slight_smile:

With your clear explanation it was easy :wink:

thank you so much, you just save me from suffering with apple music. volume is at least 50% lower without mention quality audio. Thank you :pray: