Best Way To Get Free RDP in 2021 (9 Methods)

Method 1:

The Following Sites Provide Free VPS:

http://vpswala .*org/
http://ohosti .*com/vpshosting.php
https://gratisvps . net/
https: / /developer.rackspace.*com/
https://www.vultr .*com/
https://www.cloudsigma .*com/
https: // www.digitalocean.*com/
https://www.ctl .*io/free-trial/
https://www.ihor .*ru/
https: //www.neuprime.*com/l_vds3.php
https://sadd .*io/

Method 2: https: // vps
Enter /
Press F12 and open Network Below

Method: 3
Google account
Credit Card (can use Yandex VCC)
Go to Google Cloud |
Sign up and fill in all the details.
Great, now you have $ 300 free on a VPS where you can have 32 cores, etc. Enjoy)

Method 4:
Open an account now:
Choose the program you want to use (Preferably Google Chrome)
Enjoy free RDP!

Method 5:
Go to:
Sign up and verify your email
Choose what kind of OS you want - Windows server / ubuntu
Now wait 30 minutes for the server to be created
Now go to control panel and get user / pass for remote desktop
Great, congratulations now you have a free VPS

Method 6:
Get Lifetime Free VPS:
Order ‘BackupHD Classic Free’ HD-free.php
Log in to the customer dashboard and check if the contract has been made.
Wait until the contract is settled (this will take a few hours). Once complete you will receive an email.
Click on the selection behind your contract
Click on Innovation and Testing Center in the left menu
Click on Demanded Participation behind CBCI closed Betatest
Wait for your contract to be processed (this may take several hours). You can now set up your server via the client panel and you also have a small backup area.

Method 7:
Get Free VPS / RDP in Less Than 5 Minutes:
Go to and review their site for a minute until you get a message like .
Answer them politely.
They will ask you what package you need
Choose one of the services as VDS-10 is Extreme; If possible I am thinking of VDS-3 or VDS-4
Try with different servers as you need
Likewise, they will request an account, just create it with fake data (fake information)
They will also get some information about the operating system, they will choose a Debian 9 because Windows is committed to running an operating system and that is a waste of resources.
You will receive your server information in your e-mail

Method 8:
First, open the Link below and Sign Up to get your $ 10 credit.
(For non-ref interface → [This does not give $ 10 credit]
Click “? Have a Promo Code” at the bottom of the page while filling in the invoice details.
Enter Any of the Promo codes to get additional credits:
DOPRODUCT15 (Get $ 15 for FREE)
In the first step, you will receive your first $ 10 credit, and you can get up to $ 35 total credit using extra promo codes.
Note: Some codes give more credits on higher plans
Note: If your code doesn’t work at that point, open a support ticket and your issue should be resolved.
For Credit Card → Use a low incentive VCC inside (for Check), you can use fakenamegenerator to fill the rest details.
Multi-month VPS = $ 5
So you will get 5 months of VPS

Method 9:
Go to
Register and confirm the account from your email.
Go to the VPS segment - FREE VPS
Choose Rule One - Rule One
Choose a free plan
Select the desired Server.
Your FREE VPS is Ready

Few of them may not work due to changing their TOS over time.

Happy learning!