Best Telegram Bots which you should use

1) Gamee Bot

What can this bot do?

β†’ Play tons of addictive games without installing any additional apps.

2) Yandex.Translate Bot

What can this bot do?

β†’ This bot will translate all messages in the chat so that all people can understand each other.

/start: To start the bot.
/setmylang: Select the language from which you want to translate.
/tolang: Select the language to translate your message.

3) Music Downloader :musical_note: Bot

What can this bot do?
Music downloader bot. Download songs directly by just sending Spotify song link, Gaana song link, Youtube link. Bot can also recognize voice message and text messages. It can also download Playlists and Albums from JioSaavn.

/start: To start the bot.

4) iPapkornBot

  • Get any Movie or Web series Directly on Telegram using this Bot

  • Download all the movies without visiting any other Malicious website

5) central_request

  • Download any movies at Central_Request

  • Just input the name of the movie with no mistakes in Movie Names. Soon, it will send you the movies with some resolutions or qualities.(Dubbed Movies also)

  • When you click the Movie link in the telegram channel it redirects to @centralfilter2bot
    β†’ Click Start
    β†’ Start to download your favorite movies and enjoy!

Ten Telegram Bots To Help You Study:

6) AndyRoBot

If your phone screen is constantly distracting you, and you’re continuously updating your newsfeed on all the various social networks you’re on, we offer a solution that will make this constant distraction actually useful. Install a few chatbots from our collection: one of them will help you meet study deadlines, another - finish a boring book you are reading; there is even a bot called Andy that will chat with you in English - a great friend indeed.

Possibly the most famous bot for learning English. It does not only send you new words and exercises - Andy can talk heart to heart, since it talks to users in a natural language (he particularly likes to chat about artificial intelligence). Of course, AndyRobot can’t replace a real person to talk to but can really help aspiring polyglots to overcome shyness and to actually start using the language they are learning.

7) Pronunciation Bot

Another useful bot for your Telegram contact list converts text to audio messages or sends the transcription of the words in the international phonetic alphabet in order to teach correct pronunciation. English is only one of the many languages it knows: actually, there are 84 languages programmed in its library.

8) SlangBot

This bot will teach what is not in the textbook- American slang.

Some Other Bots without link you can search in Telegram:

Temp Mail Telegram Bots:


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Thanks. Do you happen to have the link available to these bots?

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@Sibijay by searching these names in Telegram you can find it . :heart:

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