Best Tech YouTube Channels (2021)

TheNewBoston :

You can find the awesome web design tutorials in this channel. Apart from the web designing tutorials this channel also contains computer related videos.
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Traversy Media:

Traversy Media channel has overall collection of web design and development tutorials videos. This channel is mostly focused on tutorial like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.

Coding Tech :

Coding Tech provides you the sufficient video tutorials required for the web design. This channel contains the basic to advance level tutorials.

LevelUp Tuts :

The video tutorials in this channel will help you to become a better design as well as developer. There are above 840 videos in channel.
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Google Web Designer :

Google Web Designer is the channel that provides you the video related to design of Google. It helps in understanding the feature and functionality of Google.

1stWebDesigner :

The main motive of this channel is to help you to build a better website. This channel can be one of the best channels for web design as this channel is created by web design professional.
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DevTips :

Most of the videos of this channel are on web designing. The playlist of this channel are so well organized that you can easily find your required topic.
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Quentin Watt Tutorials :

Quentin Watt provides you the best video playlist for the web designing. This cannel can help a web designer to build a beautiful websites.

LearnWebCode :

The channel LearnWebCode contains the video about CSS, JavaScript and Word Press. These video helps you in the web design and can create the website.

Adam Khoury :

This channel can be best option for web designer. The video tutorial of this channel helps you to code and design like a professional implementing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and so on.

The Net Ninja :

This channel contains all the necessary tutorials required in designing the websites. The playlist of this channel are divided according to topic like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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DesignCourse :

This channel provides you the video tutorial for Front end design of the website. The video of this YouTube channel can be helpful to you want to be a front end developer.
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Academind :

This channel can be the best option for the front designer of the website. The videos of this channel are so simple to understand and can be effective even for beginner.
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Udemy Tech :

Udemy is global platform for learning online. The video of this channel is mostly focused on the topic like web designing and development, game development and more.
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Caler Edwards :

This channel covers almost every video related to web designing. The video of this channel are mostly on the topic like UI Design, Web Design, Front-end design.
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Easy Tutorial :

The main aims of creating this channel are to help the curious learner in website designing. The tutorials videos of this channel cover the entire sector related to web designing and development.
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Codegrid :

Codegrid contains the numbers of online videos which helps you in web designing in a easy and fastest way. It also teaches you to implement the latest tools for web designing.

Kelvin Powell :

The main aim of this channel is to provide the tips and tutorials for web designing. The channel has the short videos as well as long series of the tutorial related to web design course.
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DarkCode :

The YouTube channel DarkCode is especially created for learners of Web Design. The video of this channel contains the tutorial of web design with HTML, CSS and a little bit JavaScript.

Website Learners :

Website Learner is both website and YouTube channel which contains videos related to web designing. The main motive of this channel is to build awesome website quickly and easily.

Drew Ryan :

This channel is created for web development tutorials. Almost every video of this channel are related to web designing and development. The main objective of this channel is to develop modern website.
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Conclusion :

In conclusion, Learning through YouTube videos can be much more effective compared to learning through books and other medium because you can easily follow the steps followed by the tutors. According to one of the research it is found that visual learning is much more effective than textual learning


This is really great. If you can provide other great high quality YouTube videos/channel Iā€™d really appreciate it. Bored :confused:of too many crap videos in YouTube. Thanks you for sharing

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u missed freecodecamp

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