Best Hosting Provider Under <$40 Per Year

Hey fressoff members, I am looking for the best and fastest hosting service for under $40-50 per year.

I am fully aware these wont be the best and fastest hosting plan in the market but I am looking into the “cheapest” bracket for the fastest hosting provider, is that simple.

I am currently using the hostinger shared plan for my 4-5 blog site and even though I love hostinger and never had any issues in the past year but sometime i may feel the site become slow .

I will be using the hosting for mostly small blogs, affiliate niche sites, landing pages, etc., and also I will need the plan to allow me to host around 3 to 5 domains.

So, what are your recommendations?


Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar and web hosting company that offers a range of products and services for individuals and businesses. Users have reported positive experiences with Namecheap’s web hosting services, including reliable uptime and excellent customer support.

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Try my promotional hosting deal. I am 100% sure, it’s best and fast. :slight_smile:


Host Armada 6GB RAM 40GB SSD Litespeed server (40-45 USD / yr)

can you pm me for coupon code

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The best hosting 35 USD / year, Free SSL + Domain
very good support service, i have 4 accounts without any problem.

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Oracle Cloud free tier Cloud Free Tier | Oracle

seja feliz

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In your situation , i think fast comet would be the best as you will host more than one website beside some landing pages. They have helped me with several issues on my sites. Just off the top of my head they’ve helped me with email, site speed, addressing issues that have popped up on analytics and webmaster tools.