Best alternative to Google Photos in 2021

What is it?

  • LibrePhotos is a fork of Ownphotos
  • Self hosted Google Photos clone, with a slight focus on cool graphs
  • Django backend and React frontend


Currently implemented:

  • Label some faces manually, and train a face classifier to label the rest
  • View photos by people in them
  • Automatically generate “event” albums like “Thursday in Berlin”
  • See photos on the map
  • View photos grouped by date
  • Detect objects in photos, and make them searchable by objects
  • Search photos by location
  • Authentication (using JWT)
  • Create custom albums
  • Docker ready


  • Short term:
    • Add support for RAW photos
    • Add video support
    • Stability
  • Longer term, i.e. haven’t thought much about them
    • Basic photo editing, like rotation
    • Cluster undetected face
    • Share photos/albums

Live demo : Here

User is demo, Password is demo1234.

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