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With the pressure to look great, people will resort to trying whatever methods make sense at the time without doing the proper research in order to be certain they’re doing things the right way. This can lead to bad results, slow progress, and can even risk serious injury .

The most common injuries are in the shoulders and back and are caused by improper lifting technique or adding too much weight too soon, in fact, as many as 5.5 injuries are reported for every 1,000 hours of weight lifting. Anybody is susceptible to injury and/or disappointing results if they don’t learn to do things the right way.

The problem is it’s almost always based upon guessing. Usually, the first guess is about how one wants to look, or thinks they should look. A fitness goal is then made based on that guess. However, a goal without a factual basis can lead to disappointment. Even worse, making estimations on how to work towards that goal in a gym can lead to much worse than disappointment.

The MI40-Foundation training system is here to take the guess work out of goal setting, weight lifting, proper eating, and so much more.

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