Battlefield 5 is now Available for FREE

Battlefield 5 is now Available for FREE

Step 1 :
Get a USA Mobile number using the TextNow .

Step 2:

Connect to USA using any vpn.
Step 3:
Create account on using your gmail or temp mail.

Step 4:
Add payment method in ur account.(If u have ur own credit card)

Step 5:
If you dont have credit car
Go to :
Use below Bin to generate credit cards.

Bin : 515462001xxxxxxx

Step 6:

Use the card details and complete the process in of adding payment method.

USA Address :

600 N. San Fernando Blvd.
(818) 842-4532

Step 7:

Now go to prime video and get a tial of prime subscription for 30days with the card u added in step 5.

Step 8:

Now go to prime gaming and claim ur game key, and activate it in Origin Game Client.


Can someone confirm if this working or not?

ya working fine. You just u need to follow the steps properly…

yup working fine for me. I have already claimed.

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Wow but just want to confirm if the credit cards work for all payment

There was an error validating your payment method. Please update or add a new payment method and try again.