Basics of Typography from A to Z (Álvaro Franca ) [Domestika Course]

Discover the infinite possibilities of typography for conveying and enhancing your message

Choosing the right typography is a key step in defining your design’s tone of voice. That’s why typography specialist Álvaro Franca sees them as a source of infinite possibilities for conveying messages, whether as a designer in studio Vasava (Barcelona), or as co-founder of Naipe Foundry, where he collaborates with clients like TV Globo, Sony Music, and Descomplica.

In this course, Álvaro teaches you how to choose the right typography for big and small projects alike by covering everything from logos to magazine design. Dive into the history of typography and discover how to combine font families, sizes, and styles to create an effective and coherent piece. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to choose the perfect font for any design project you’re working on.

English Subtitle files included. Happy learning. Enjoy ! Don’t forget to loves if you like ! ^^


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