[BARTER] 365 datascience account for 20 days + 4.5TB of courses

I need a stackskills unlimited account and I would like to trade a 365datascience account and 4.5TB of courses in a secure location of which I also have a backup for it.
StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access | StackSocial

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19 days left for the account

Awesome bro!!
You can share the links here
so that there would be more backup


where is the link to download ?

adding this in the deal: 1 year pluralsight

adding this in the deal: ICSI | Certified Network Security Specialist
ICSI | CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist
No labs

adding this in the deal: 1 Coursera account with certified courses

adding this in the deal: 1 rezi lifetime account