[Awesome] HUGE COURSES Collection [Direct Link]

Link: My Files

Happy Learning!


Nice share Bro, really appropriate it

Everyone is sharing computer and programming and trading courses. Is that all people learn? Nobody is sharing French/Spanish or other language courses. Frustrating!

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bro can u plz share links for GFG CN and CB couses urgently needed


Nice share and Thanks a lot.

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look here no body is going to spoon feed you … you have to find it …and one more thing the course shared here are paid ones not free… if you want to learn learn french or spanish buy them …

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I agree with @goy.
Courses are available based on demand. If you want to learn languages, there are tons of other options. Like apps - Duolingo and others. Also like @goy said, no one will spoon feed you. If you want something, ask.

The archive need password to be extracted. Do you know the password?

I don’t know bro. But try something like procrackteam or @procrackteam

Didn’t work. Any procrack.team member that can help?

Thank for the link. I got the same problem with password too.

Well, seems I vented out my frustration in somewhat rude way. I am actually hoping someone will upload French language learning course.