AWAI - The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits - Working Effectively with Web Clients Worth $297

Follow the easy 7-step plan outline in Working Effectively with Web Clients and you’ll hit the ground running with every web project you take on.

You’ll be grateful to have this roadmap, because there’s no more guessing or confusion about what to do, or when to get approvals at various stages.

Your clients will be relieved as well, because a clear process provides reassurance. The entire web team will see you as their project leader, because you offer a methodical, step-by-step approach.
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Hey Sibijay,
thankyou for creating such a great platform. I told a lot of friends about how you contribute to or learning and empower us to push the boundary with so many tools. A really special I wanted to mention to you about the skillshare classes I got. I watched the Stoicism class and it really helped me gain perspective over these tough times. All thanks to you Sibijay. I’ll try to open up and talk on this platform about the amazing resources you guys provide.
one of my friends immediately bought a product from the seoshope when I told her. I’ll keep updating you about my progress.


Glad to know freesoff has brought about a positive change in your life.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Remember… Knowledge is Power!


Yes brother… you have transformed my life too… May the Universe protect and guard you 24 hrs… thank you for all the knowledge you share with us… :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the goods works you do bro, but FILE DOES NOT EXIST ON THIS SERVER. Please reupload. Thanks a billion

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Links have been updated.