Avira Prime -All-in-one Security Suite Free for 90 Days[ Windows/ Mac/Android /iOS]. Worth $4.63/month or $ 46 USD per year

This premium security suite allows unlimited access to all premium products, incl. Antivirus, Phantom VPN & System Speedup – for more security, privacy & performance.

Now the security company is offering the prime service free for 3 months [90 days].

To avail of this freebie, visit any one of the following promotion pages: Link 1 /Link 2/ and enter your email address.

You will receive an email from Avira, click the confirmation link (Accept and Install) and create an account at Avira (just enter your preferred password).

Note: Use Google translator

After creating an account you can download the pre-activated Avira prime app for your device.

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