Authority Site System 3.0 (2022) [Updated Link]

The Authority Site System is a complete course that covers a lot of ground…

In total there are 15 different modules.

Here’s a breakdown of each one:

Module 1: The Authority Site Business Model 101
Learn how authority sites really make money. We’ll catch you up on the most efficient way to start generating revenue and the exact business models you should use.

Module 2: Finding Niches
Inside this module, we will work on putting together a list of potential niches and show you some of our advanced ways of finding topics for your site.

Module 3: Qualifying niches
After your list of niches is ready, we will walk you through our drastic niche shortlisting process. This step ensures you pick a niche with high opportunities. We also address the usage of expired domains to speed things up.

Module 4: Site planning
Once we have picked a niche at the end of the last module, we will work on planning the “V1” of your site and prepare a full sitemap of the site we will build together.

Module 5: Site Setup
We will do the setup of your new site step by step, including the domain name. No technical knowledge is required. You can watch us do it on the demo site and then copy exactly what we did.

Module 6: Branding
In this module, we are putting the elements that will make your site feel like an established, trustable brand. No designer or design background is needed!

Module 7: Building Posts & Pages
Once your site is set up and branded, we take the time to build your base site structure based on the sitemap we prepared in module 4. We show you exactly how to do site architecture.

Module 8: Creating info content
After the technical base of the site is ready, Mark will walk you through the exact process to create the content we planned for your site and do it better than your competition.

Module 9: Writing content: Step by Step
We know you learned how to write at school. We understand many people are not comfortable writing for the web and search engines, so we show you how to do that like a pro.

Module 10: Optimizing & Publishing content
Words in your content are only half the picture. You also need to learn how to illustrate content, optimize it for Google to rank high, and many other tweaks we will teach you in this module.

Module 11: Initial Link Building
At this stage of the training, your site will be getting in serious shape, so the next step will be to kick link building off and that’s what we’ll show you how to do here.

Module 12: Affiliate setup
Now that your site is in shape, it’s time to monetize it! Inside this module, we will show you the best possible affiliate setup you can use to maximize earnings.

Module 13: Writing & Optimizing Commercial content
Product reviews & roundups will be a major part of your early monetization, so we decided to spend an entire module showing all the little tips & tricks for this kind of content.

Module 14: Advanced tactics
Inside this module, we are continuously adding new tips & tricks that can help Authority Site System users get more traffic or better monetization.

Bonus: Becoming an authority
We wanted to spend to help our members take their sites to the next level, so in this bonus module, we will share the tactics we use to become true authorities in a niche and anchor ourselves in its landscape forever.

**Please Note**: I’ve compressed the complete 32.2GB file into 25.9GB and its a RAR file, please don’t ask me to update the link, please create your own backup in your G-DRIVE, You can find multiple tutorials how to get unlimited G-DRIVE space.

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Here is the new link.

As many of you’re not able to download the complete, many of you’re facing incompleted download issue or downloading get auto stopped.

Now you can download from the above link but now the size of the file is 33.3GB and I’ve added a recovery record in it as well.

It means that if you’re file got corrupted after download the file, you can still recover it without downloading it again, watch tutorials on YT.

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To those having error (like I did after 3 tries using Chrome), use Drive App on desktop and sync offline. It worked like a charm.

Mega Link: File folder on MEGA


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Thank you for this course! You won’t regret the big file size because they get so in depth and will show what no one is going to show you before about niche blogging.

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hey bro , please share a update version 2023
as it have

  • New Expired Domains lessons to get faster results.
  • New keyword research & content lessons made to monetize with ad networks like Ezoic, Adthrive, or Mediavine.
  • New Review writing mini-course that demonstrates E-E-A-T, so the new Google Update likes them.
  • New site speed module that makes your site blazing fast & passes core web vitals.
  • New link-building tactics & guidelines to avoid trouble during Google Spam updates.
  • New Schema tactics lessons to get more traffic without building more links or writing new content.
  • New done for you Copy & Paste affiliate Gutenberg blocks to boost your conversions in just minutes!

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