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The Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults Life OS is built in Notion, a platform ideal for this purpose because of its power and flexibility.

PPV is a Life Operating System built in Notion, designed to bring Focus & Alignment to your life. Focus to ruthlessly zero in on what you need to do today. Alignment to ensure you’re doing the right things on any given day, aligning your high level aspirations with what you are spending your time on.

And PPV incorporates a powerful Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system into your life and work — screening, capturing, organizing, optimizing the information you come across in your life, then resurfacing the most valuable knowledge at the right time and right place for you to take action.

Designed by August Bradley specifically for the Notion platform (leveraging what only Notion can do), this approach solves the problems of older scattered methodologies designed around Evernote, OneNote, Todoist/Things, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc…
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The notion files used for the trainig was not shared in the file.

Thanks for all you do.

Would it make much of a difference to those actually learning using the link? I mean without the training files?

I stress on learning because I know there are many who just want full courses to add to their collection and share/sell it on other websites. Leechers & Hoarders.


The course is a productivity course. and the fis will help you better follow along. It’s like learnig a figma UI course without the figma files.

Taking action while learning is what creates retention, when you’re not doing anything you might as well not learn the material cause it will not stick.

I uderstand your point about the leachers but ithout the files the concept he’s trying to pass alog will be had to replicate.


Makes sense. I do hope someone is able to provide the additional files.

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Course Incomplete

Please help us locate the missing training resources


No further reminders on incomplete courses are required

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bro just wanted to show my appreciation for what you do here! so grateful!
Sincerely! You are a lifesaver for learners!
Thank you!
A random dude you helped


thanks for the share and regarding the notion files, you probably can’t get them because it is host on august’s notion itself, it mean if you are not granted acces you can’t go to the notion and copy the material.

Wish you all the best


This is valuable information. I didn’t know this. Thanks