Are you tired of boring emails? Try some of these 🤯 400+ subject lines

The first words you say to recipients is your make-or-break. It determines whether you will get a click or not. That’s why it is important that your subject line has a good hook. A hook is what grabs your recipient’s attention, which is interesting enough to make them open your message.

This technique is not only limited to marketing emails. I found this can also be implemented by project leaders, supervisors or anyone who communicates with teams. What you have here is a list of 400+ subject lines to grab their attention.

Download Here (405.3 KB)

Do you use a different technique to get someones attention via email/chat? We’d like to know.


You can try Email Writr, It’s best tool created just for Email Automation as most of B2B and Customer Service are done on mail; I also personally use it for my business

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This Course also has some best tips & tricks on emails, you can refer here:

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Hmm. Will check it out.

Awesome stuff. I’ve posted it but never thought of using it :slight_smile: Will take a peek, thanks.