Anyone have NFT hack Free NFT and NFT Giveaway Share with us.

NFT is world’s Fast-growing Currency at now time.

if Anyone has knowledge about it so share with us Thank you.


Search the forums. You should find some courses & books on NFT.

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Do you want to create and sell or flip nfts ?


Create and sell please

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If you’re an artist with a good following, you should go for it. Wazirx is a popular platform among Indian creators.
Wazirx allows you to mint your artworks and sell them in wrx tokens and bnb, with a very low gas fee.
To join the platform, you must receive an invitation from an existing creator.

If you are a beginner and cannot afford to spend more money on gas for minting, then Wazirx is the way to go.
Interact with the creators on the Discord server to form bonds. Join Discord and make some friends, it’s the only way to increase you chance of getting an invite.
Art collectors are also present in Discord, allowing you to showcase your work and impress the collectors.

Other platforms include Open Sea (the most commonly used) and Foundation (They need an invite to join their platform).

Apart from this provide some utilities to your artwork it will attract some buyers. Go and check wazirx and other websites to know about it. Plenty of information is available in youtube.

To generate money in nft, don’t rush the process. It takes a while. For example, if you discover some 3D artworks that are selling like hotcakes, don’t study how to do something similar. Rather, brush up on your blender skills by learning the fundamentals. 2D artworks also selling good.
If you rush the learning process, you will expect to improve in a matter of days, and if you don’t, you will become frustrated and dislike studying, resulting in a complete waste of time.

NOTE: I am not a creator on any of the platforms and do not have an invite.
Be cautious of NFT scams. Spend some time learning about it on YouTube.
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