Any Skillshare Course directly your Drive! No Account Required!

Skillshare-DL to download any Skillshare Course directly your Drive! No Account Required! Through Colab

Open In Colab


Any help here ?

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hello, i didn t get it, can samone explain to me how it work, beacause i did tru for one houre and still didn’t understand the thing

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@Not_Zaryab @Kadambra_Al_Hambra follow this tutorial


dhanus you are the best, thanks dud

Thanks Dude you are amazing

For File size > 15Gb
I am unable to access material
can i not download directly from there
If there is a method please let us know

Get a shared drive for larger file size

If one of your file itself is 15GB then you have to upgrade your GDrive
if its 2-3 different skill share courses then creating another Gmail is the best way

nice. Can anyone help me with how I can download files and resources too?

wow!!!, many thanks to you

Wow, this is really great! thanks!

Delete Skillshare directory and than save again bro

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It works perfectly - Many thanks OP - you are a star!!! :grinning: :grinning:

thanks bro, you are the best,
please if you dont mind, is there any other tool like this to download from udemy and envato ?
thanks in advance


Please make like this for UDEMY COURSES


coz owner account is expirer.

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do you know how to modidy it? I have read on some forum that you can still use it if you have a coockie that is still working. But i don’t know how to do it…

if anyone has a skillshare premium account:

  • open your skillshare account
  • get cookie name and value of “skillshare_user_”
  • open, search “def main()” function:
    def main():
    dl = Skillshare(“skillshare_user_=paste value here”)
    course_url = sys.argv[1]

@Dhanus I’m following the video and getting this error message.

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