Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers

Learn the Angular essentials, from setup to deployment, in 2 days. The fastest way to get started with Angular!

In this course, I’m gonna share with you what I’ve learned about Angular the hard way in a step-by-step and pragmatic way. Right from the beginning, you’ll jump in and build your first Angular 4 app within minutes. Say goodbye to boring tutorials and courses with rambling instructors and useless theories!

What You’ll LEarn

  • Display data and handle events
  • Build re-usable components
  • Manipulate the DOM using directives
  • Format data using pipes
  • Build template-driven and reactive forms
  • Consume HTTP services
  • Use Reactive Extensions and observables
  • Implement routing and navigation
  • Add authentication and authorization
  • Deploy your applications
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