Andriy Boychuk - eCommerce Email Marketing Customer Lifecycle

A step-by-step course that will show you how to set up highly engaging email automation that add 20% to your revenue.

What You Get

Module 1 – Strategy
What it requires is an understanding of what stage of the customer lifecycle your customer’s in and applying it to every email sequence you set up.

Module 2 – Copy
Learn how to create engaging, vibrant copy for opt-in forms, emails for flows, surveys, and everything in between.

Module 3 – Design
We’ll break down our basic email templates and walk you through some real life examples of how to adjust a single template to work for every email in a campaign.

Module 4 – Implementation
This step has its fair share of sticking points, so we’ve built a clear path that you can follow (or use to effectively outsource this crucial step).

Module 5 – Evaluate & Optimize
We’ll teach you how to use a variety of metrics to analyze and improve your performance. We’ll also cover how to execute a successful test email, what data to focus on, and when to adjust and optimize your flows.
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