Andre Chaperon and Shawn Twing - The Traffic Engine

The Traffic Engine core training is an eight-week, ten-module course that teaches the fundamentals of successful paid traffic campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook, including prospecting and re-targeting.

The emphasis of the course is learning effective, high-leverage strategies first (weeks one and two), and then implementing those strategies to create awareness, test offers, and gain customers with Google Ads search (weeks three and four), and Facebook (weeks five and six).

Week-seven focuses on maximizing revenue from existing traffic with Google Display Network and Facebook retargeting .
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thanks for sharing. however, the link provided doesn’t work. would you be kind to update the link?

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It does work. Can u provide a screenshot on any error message

Anonfiles deletes files after 21 days. The file is no longer on Anonfiles.



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Sorry but I would like to know why my post was marked as SPAM, and it was a warning about the ad link. I imagine that this type of complaint must have been insignificant in the eyes of the person who reported it. But I don’t make comments in vain or without checking something in advance. I will be grateful in advance if they remove the penalty as I disregard that warning about something that no one had noticed is crucial for one.

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Maybe it’s a mistake! Ignore it.

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