Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman - 30x500 Academy

Learn and practice focusing on your customer, from the comfort of wherever you are, by joining 30x500.

When you enroll in 30x500, here’s exactly what you’ll do:

  • You’ll pick your audience. It’s easy, promise.
  • Then learn how they tick.
  • And understand what they need, want, and are ready to buy.
  • You’ll create valuable content and resources that help build your reputation, earn trust with your audience, and of course build your traffic!
  • Then convert your new readers to subscribers, and then into enthusiastic buyers.
  • You’ll learn how to use the most systematic process ever to generate infinite product ideas, with no genius or flash of inspiration required.
  • And practice drafting persuasive sales copy that opens wallets, even if you “suck” at writing!
  • You’ll create your product, of course, using our techniques for keeping scope in check and shipping on time.
  • And you’ll execute a launch that builds momentum and anticipation
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