All’s Well That Ends Well – Short article

Article shared by Rutvik D

Every matter gets started to reach an end. There is an end to everything. This end is certain. No one can stop it from happening. Nothing is permanent in this world. It may be life, maybe a movie or maybe any other chore. It is made for having an end. It is said that if the end is good then everything is good.

No one is going to see how much efforts you have done for achieving a particular success. Everyone is going to concentrate on the end result. Therefore it is wisely said that all’s well that ends well.

If you think about a movie then you can judge every director tries to make a happy ending as he knows that if the end is good, the movie will be considered as good. Let’s compare this with life, suppose one person is born in poor family. He works hard day and night and becomes rich in future. This means that person has got an end which is good.

No one will see his hard work or efforts that he took in the past. In short people feel more comfortable in judging a person by his or her present days and not by their past. Everything is going to vanish one day but how to live this life till the end depends on a person.

End is assured but if it is good then only everything would be considered as good. If the end is not good then it can not be considered as the end, it may be a new beginning. End can be defined as the thing after which you can not do anything, all doors for any further attempt are closed, or it can also be said that everything gets over.

Therefore it is necessary to consider that end can only be called as end if it’s good. If something wrong happens, then it is not the end.

End is not a word and even it is not a negative thought. It is good to have an end. If there is no end then everything can become obsolete and meaningless. Many things become more critical when they do not end at an appropriate time.

Therefore it is wisely said that a thing is good if it has end. Hence it can be stated that all is well that ends well. If everything is not well then it’s not the end, end is ahead and waiting for everything to get well. This is the true philosophy of life. If life is going through critical moments then it is good to neglect negative thoughts and say it’s the end, instead it is wise to think that this is not end because everything is not well.

“All is well that ends well” has got a true meaning that can help any stressed person to survive. Negative people must learn from this saying and improve their outlook towards life.


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