Ali Abdaal - Part-Time Youtuber Academy

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MEGA Part 1
MEGA Part 2

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is asking for access to the link, please release .

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It need Access Request.

So enter the email address there and wait for approval

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Thanks Buddy

thanks but it is asking for access. Please provide.

Plz accept request, Thank you

Please approve my request and give me permission to access the course.

requesting for access, please

requesting for access, please

wow , this is the only place online its really free right now , everyone is selling it for $40 , thanks alot dude I got my request accepted so fast too, you are the best

got access thanks @Sibijay

Hey bro pls accept request

Thank you so much for providing such valuable things appreciated :slight_smile:

Can i get hello veeru dba mastery course pls

Already Did this sir.

No you cannot because this request is off topic. This topic is related to Ali Abdaals YouTube course.

Please request in another topic or search the forums.

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My request for this course is not accepted so far its been 15 hours
Thanks Bro

The Link is public now. Check again.

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The link is working thank you