Alex Cattoni – Copy Posse Launch Files (2022)

Learn Highly-Paid Copywriting Skills, Write An Irresistible Portfolio and IgniteYour Copywriting Business In 8 Weeks**

8-Week Copywriter Coaching Program To Start Making Money At Home

In this step-by-step online learning experience, you’ll be guided by expert copywriter, speaker and founder of The Copy Posse, Alex Cattoni, as she teaches you the copywriting essentials that today’s businesses are looking for… and helps you build a killer portfolio so you can approach new clients with unstoppable confidence.

During this eight-week program, you’ll get insider access to the latest recordings from Alex’s closed-door live group coaching program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad — including proven tools, exercises, and formulas to ignite your copywriting business in eight weeks.

Sales Page: Copy Posse Launch Files | Copywriting Training Program

Download quickly while you still can: 39.97 GB folder on MEGA


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Can you please share it once more, as I have completed the course till week 7 but haven’t completed the whole course. As I am not able to access the course with the link. If you can this will be much helpful for me.

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