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Mg :key: IHCQ55KsQW6efYkm5otqXA PN: Files are not sorted.

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Hi, this doesnโ€™t seem to be working. It starts downloading and then suddenly my browser crashes. The last two times I tried to download it, it looked as though the download was complete, however almost immediately the browser crashed again and on opening the file from my downloads it stated that the file appeared to be broken.

Please help.

Thanks and regards!

Hi there,

Seems to be a case of a slow connection. Nothing wrong with the files itself.

File Works Properly but were not Serialized. BTW Thanks for Share

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. For now Iโ€™ve added a note to make downloaders aware of it.

hello everyone, as you know the content here is not serialized so i found the original course and here is the correct order
1 Introduction
2 Mindset
3 How to 10x your money
4Written English Mastery, Sales and offer Creation
5 Lead Generation
6 Understanding American English
7 Talk like them!
8 Putting it All together
9 Bonuses

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Now this is one of the best things Iโ€™ve seen from a new member in a while.

Youโ€™ve posted valuable information that will help many.

Welcome to our humble community. Hope to see you more.

Thank you