Advanced Doxing Tutorial | Noob Friendly Guide

In this tutorial i will be covering many things that will help you when doxing. This tutorial will be simple for all users as i will teach basic things that will help you out.

Note: This thread is for educational purposes only!

First of all, what is doxing:
Google and “Hackers” have different definition of Doxing

Googles Definition: search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

Hackers Definition: Finding people personal info from online sites and tools/resources that people make and releasing it. Sometimes people use this as a blackmailing method

Ex: “If you dont pay me ill drop your dox”

Long story short: Finding someones private info and releasing it publicly

Where to start with a persons dox

When starting to dox you want to ask yourself a few questions like:

Do i know anything about this person? (ANYTHING)
Can i still speak to this person somehow?
Is there anyone that can give me some information on my victim? (Friends, other people etc.)

If you answered no to all of these questions, then then its practically impossible to dox your victim.

If you answered yes to question number 1:

Write down all the info you have on your victim somewhere (Text Document notebook etc.)

If you answered yes to question number 2:
Speak to the victim and get little bits of info out of then by being friendly.

Ex: “So where you from bro?”

If you answered yes to question number 3:
Contact anyone that will help you, and get this bit of info about your victim because you need a start.

Note: Even the smallest things can matter when doxing so ANYTHING helps

How to start to find information
Here is what i advise doing for each small piece of information you have:

Skype username:
Google it as if they post it anywhere it will come up and show you sites they have signed up for which can lead to more info. You can also search threw some databases, that you can find online, ill put some at the bottom of this thread

Google it AND go to websites like facebook and click forgot password and type the email and maybe you can find phone numbers/name etc. (Even if its not the full thing)

Names are the best and worst thing to start with if your victim is above the age of 18 and lives in the US search for them on and also try and find them on some social media (Facebook Twitter etc.), If there not 18+ the only thing that you really can do is search for them on social media.

Search for there adderess on and it will come up with basic info on the owners of the house, also search the address on to get some basic info on the house it self (Size, bedroom amount, etc.)

Phone Number:
Search there phone number on and and some basic information will come up for the phone number (Name, carrier etc.) Also google the phone number and, go to sites like facebook or twitter and click forgot password to get simple info.

There is not to much you can do with IP other than do a Geo-lookup on it to do so go to Also try looking up there IP on as this may get more info. You can also search threw some databases, that you can find online, ill put some at the bottom of this thread

If you use all those together, and repeat you will find more and more info the longer you look there is also tools out there to help but all the tools do is the same thing you can manually do.
So basically, google is how you dox!

Tips and tricks i use
If you can find a victims YouTube channel, go to the about page and they might have a business email which you can view.

If your victim does not know your doxing them ask them simple but helpful to you question.
Ex: “So where are you from?” or “How old are you anyway?” etc.

Think outside of the box about finding info, get creative with it.

If you find your victims Facebook, go threw there friends list to find possible family.

Create fake identities to talk to your victim and ask simple questions.

If you have a Facebook account which was created with a Yahoo email, add your victim and import contacts on Yahoo, this may lead to a email.

Use Google Docs to share a document with your victim via email to find their name.

If your victim has a PayPal send them one penny, and you should find the name that they registered with!

List of sites: