Advance Malware Analysis Free Download

Advance Malware Analysis Free Download

What Will I Learn?

Zero2Automated Content:

  • Week 0x01 : Algorithms - Looking at Encryption, Hashing, Compression, etc.
  • Week 0x02 : Initial Stagers - Unpacking Malware, Analysing Malicious Word Documents, Analysing Loaders, Automating Config Extraction
  • Week 0x03 : Evasion - Persistence, Anti-Analysis, Process Injection
  • Week 0x04 : Malware Internals - Core Functionality, looking at Banking Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, Worms, etc.
  • Week 0x05 : Full Analysis 1 - Analysing a malware sample in depth
  • Week 0x06 : Full Analysis 2 - Analysing a malware sample in depth
  • Week 0x07 : Uncompiled Malware - Taking a look at uncompiled malware; Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, etc.
  • Week 0x08 : Exploitation - Looking at how malware uses exploits to achieve it’s goals - Privilege Escalation, Gaining Access, Evasion
  • Week 0x09 : “Rooting and Booting” - Taking a look at Rootkits and Bootkits
  • Week 0x0A : Shellcode - Looking at analysing Shellcode statically and dynamically
  • Week 0x0B : Command And Control Servers - All things C2, including replicating a DGA.
  • Week 0x0C : Threat Intelligence - Understanding Threat Intelligence
  • Week 0x0D : Module Study - Trickbot Lock-n-Grab
  • Week 0x0E : YARA Signature Development - How to develop YARA rules more effectively
  • Week 0x0F and Onwards : Additional Undecided Modules Added

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