Adfree Spotify In A Minute | Tools To Make Adfree Spotify

  1. Download older Spotify
  • (Remember to uninstall Spotify before this)


[MIRROR/MEGA] Spotify_1.0.80.474.exe


  1. Download and run BlockTheSpot
  • (They offer a downgrade script but it didn’t work for me, only install.bat needed)



  1. Disable autoupdate
  • (Copy pasted from BlockTheSpot, thanks for them)



  1. Enjoy the ad free Spotify experience!

Happy learning!

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Or just use Ezblocker with the current version

what does it do?
just mute the ads?

yes it mutes ads and its way simple

oh so does the music stops or what?

nope it mutes the ad and when its done it continues playing

Virustotal has detected a virus in the Spotify_1.0.80.474.exe file
Also DisableUpdate.bat cannot be found.

I recommend removing this post as it is incomplete / contains a virus

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