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Dear community

Need to download some presentation from
Any help or coupon

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Why not go to search Envanto elements to search for a suitable presentation.

You will definitely find people who will help with the link to the file you seek to download


Their presentations are ready to use, most elememnt presentations need to be completed especialy the technical ones

not a solución: BUT:
1 - enter the presentation you want to (copycat)
such as
2 there´s a preview of the items used. You must DL them in order to “edit” with photoshop or any other photo editing program online. There are at least 5 o 6 suitable 4 this.
3 (don´t forget to copy the original ones, cause you will have to redo texts in CANVA or similar)
4 upload each slide into CANVA and start completing the white spaces
Look at the examples BEFORE AND AFTER

5 with a little patience your slides will be done by 9pm, starting at 7pm. :grinning:

Again: not s solution but it´s a way to GTD.


Thank you dear fiend for your help
Your solution is great
Many thanks

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glad it helps ya. Regards!!

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There ya have it…staright from our in-house Graphics Expert

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