A problem that needs to be solved

I was using my computer, and suddenly it stopped working, and when I opened it again it completely stopped when I started it. He didn’t even reach the Windows logo but stopped at a word foxconn. I know my device is weak and old, but I need it now. Its specifications are as follows:
graphics Nvidia Gforce 210
4G Ram ddr3
intel pentium dual core 3.5 GHZ
powe simply 220 V
mother board Foxconn
stockage 500 GB

your Operating System ( in your case ‘Windows’) might be corrupted. Reinstalling the OS might do the job for you. Watch and follow a youtube Tutorial of how to erase existing OS from your HDD/SSD and reinstall it.

Note: For Reinstalling, You will need a Bootable Pendrive (normal pendrive can be made bootable) and a friend’s computer from which you will have to download Windows OS from the Windows Official Website and install that it into your Bootable Pendrive. Just Follow the Youtube Tutorial, i think you will be good to go.

Good Luck.

The best way is to disassemble and reassemble the CPU by cleaning the endpoints of the hardware, like the pins of the ram, hard disk SATA cable points, GC pins…

Formatting shouldn’t be necessary I guess, because its a sudden stop and not a virus attack.

All the best.

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Might be a corrupted hard drive can you enter bios ?

try removing RAM and clean it and reinsert it , it solve solve same problem with pc.