A perfect guide to cyber security in 2023

This is a nice or the most relevant compilation of learning professional hacking (blackhat and whitehat).

“I am not responsible if anyone uses this thread to perform illegal activities. The author is not held responsible for any occurrence, and I also advise the users to stay away from such criminal activities, or you will get: (“FBI open up”)”

1- Starting your career: AIO guide to your hacking career | paste.fo (must read)

2- Cyber security path compiled by Giccios: https://www.nulled.to/topic/1471087-new-cyber-security-roadmap-2023/?hl=%2Bthe+%2Bcomplete+%2Bcybersecurity+%2Broadmap

3- Practice! Practice and Practice

4- Participate in competitions, e.g., CTF or bug bounty. No matter what you will lose, this surely increase your experience

5- Have a friendly community of hackers. Make as many friends as you can. Teamwork boosts your work for sure.