☣️ A Chrome extension that disables read receipts and presence updates on WhatsApp Web

Be invisible on WhatsApp™ Web by disabling read receipts and presence updates

See other people’s read receipts and “last seen”, but never send yours. Freely explore any chat thread without making it read. And additionally, nobody knows you’re online.


  • Adds a new menu in WhatsApp™ Web that lets you toggle on and off the sending of:

    • Read receipts for messages (two blue ticks mark)
    • “Last Seen” updates (presence)
  • Works for groups

  • Works for statuses/stories

  • Keeps deleted messages and restores them later

  • Lets you set a safety timeout that allows you to automatically send the read receipts after a certain time from opening the message. Shared By Telegram CyberXOfficial. During this time you are given a cancel button, which prevents the receipt from being sent.

  • When read receipts are blocked, the unread messages counters show up transparent, and when you read them they turn red. This helps to tell when you are in invisible mode and it is safe to click on chats.

  • If you want to mark a specific chat as read anyway, you can open the sub-menu of it and choose “mark as read”. A warning will show up and when you confirm, a read receipt will be sent.

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FAQs —

Q. How to install this extension in mobile?
A. Install kiwi browser (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiwibrowser.browser&hl=en_IN&gl=US) and then install extension easily either using your brain or by watching this video (Chrome Extensions on Any Android! - YouTube).

Q. Is my data safe?
A. Yes, none of your data is ever transmitted to anywhere magic works within your browser.

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