96 Free Programming, Computer Science and Math Ebooks That You Need To Download Today


Some would say that the hunt for knowledge is a never ending adventure, and I bet all of us will agree on this. There are so many things to learn, test and try out but various limitations are stopping us from getting there. Not to mention the nearly unlimited free resources of ebooks out there which pull us deeper in this conquest. With online courses and the growth of e-learning, the term “self-taught” is no longer a stranger to our ears. In this post, we’ve covered a pretty long list of free ebooks covering various topics such as Programming, Python, API Design, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning, Probability & Statistics, Algebra, Algorithms and many more.

All topics are closely related and are definitely helpful if you’re trying to improve yourself within these few categories. A recent study suggests that Python is the only programming language that has increased in its total userbase within the past year or so. Its close connection to Artificial Intelligence and automation probably are the biggest factors in pushing it up the coding ladder. Nonetheless, we hope you’ll enjoy this list and gain something out of it. As usual, don’t forget to bookmark us and let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

96 Free Programming, Computer Science and Math Ebooks That You Need To Download Today

Computer Science



API Design

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Practical intros

Probability / Statistics

Linear Algebra / Optimization

Genetic Algorithms

Natural Language Processing


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