8 things that are truly a waste of time

  1. Watching TV & OTT

  2. Being in a relationship with someone just because you feel bored or lonely

  3. Trying to solve everyone’s problems

  4. Trying to win every conversation that you have with people

  5. Doing something just because it makes your parents happy while you’re unhappy

  6. Constantly complaining about something that you could have already changed

  7. Creating fake problems so that you don’t have to deal with your real problems

  8. Trying to make someone love you when they are not interested in you

Do Not Fucking Waste A Single Day In Your Life.


I don’t think, ‘it’s totally waste of time’. Rest, I agree!


I think what @Harish_G wants to say is that don’t do something just bcoz u r parents want to so they can be happy
for example, your parents decide what you need to study and what you want to become. and later you realize that you just wasted your 4 years in college and you wanted to become something else like following your passion

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Most of us are victim to it, Including myself :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


fall into what dude?

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My parents just said what you have interested to study you can take and be concentrated on it :relaxed: and be serious on studies @ankit_jd

My lucky time when I’m interested to improve my skills I found Freesoff and amazing leader @Sibijay and @Red_Orange

I need to thank Freesoff Admins @Hemanth and @Ashok for making this amazing community

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The reason people fall behind is bcz they stick to the past and make it a storytelling everyone why I couldn’t achieve anything in life a stupid excuse
for ex: " Dude u see I got into an accident a few years ago and my 2 years got wasted"
They will think about it their whole life rather than moving forward and they keep making the same excuse saying I went through this I went through that.
dude, even though I got into an accident my two legs and left hand broke I recovered I finished my board exam went to college dropped out of college, and am now a full-time freelancer
even though I would have stated the reason that I went through a lot. everyone goes through a lot to achieve what they have achieved now just making a stupid excuse and falling behind and telling people that they are lucky is just a stupid thing


took me like 2 days to convince them that I want to become a full-time freelancer and drop out of college

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My parents are still worried that I won’t get married bcz I don’t have a degree :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :joy: :joy:

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@ankit_jd Degree is not yet all matter dude nowadays only Skills and discipline are mainly important.

I heard a news that without degree one guy placed in Amazon but he has skills.


Zoho also not asking for degree

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Kinda odd to just single out watching tv lol everything else is quite similar but you got a hate for tv for some reason. lol Because if your job was tv related then watching tv isn’t time wasting.

I do agree with the other things though lol

Totally agree with you bro, but the main thing is you have to obtain certain skill, to lift yourself from those problems, nobody’s parents are wrong because they are first person to show us this world its natural to be worry about own child, tomorrow if we become parents we also get worried about our child if they dont have skills or specific talent

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Somehow you are right… but only we have the solution to get rid of these kinds of problems. So instead of thinking a lot about these we should prioritize things and spend time accordingly.


I observed 1 ,7 ,8 and 4 points in my life

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