600TB , Hundreds of Paid Courses, TV Shows, Movies, Documentary, Standups, Games, Apps, ISO, Softwares

I Just recently found this google drive group full of courses, movies, series, etc, and thought I should share with the community.

Steps to get access to the group

After joining the group
go to https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/shared-drives
and open with the same Gmail id. Once the shared drive is open it will be blank, click on the text written hidden shared drives on the right corner.

I hope This is Helpful.


thanks so much for sharing

hello, it don t work for me, it say that is blank

Tap on the blue text on the right corner.
That should say “Hidden shared drive”

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i already tap it but it say that there is nothing there

i find the thing , thank you sniper two

Thanks a lot!!!

Thanks for this! :grin:

it didnt work bro… i follow your step

wait for a while…

now i got it… thanks dude <3

Thank you guys … Dear fellow members Please take time to rate and comment for others efforts.

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OMG!!! what a collection. I literally dropped my jaw after seeing all the data in-front of me.

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