5tb courses collection [backup fast]

I only have web and some network courses, because I dont need all, you can pm maybe I have what you need

Hey @sniper_2k do you have those backup?
If yes then can i have it please.

do anyone have
Iman Gadzhi - Influencer Ignited 2.0

hlw…i have a question…if i import it then how long will it stay in my free mega account(as it will surpass the limit) ?

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if u import less than 15gb it will stay for lifetime but u have to keep visit your account once for every 3months . if greater than 15gb to 50gb i think it will give 2 months after it ask u to upgrade and u cant access that data until u upgrade

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@GoriBawa @sniper_2k

Still have influencer ignited 2.0 ?

Link not working, update

please brother update the link . i will be grateful to u

Please reupload update link

All Error except 50TB movie collection

please share the updated links. It will be of great help.Thanks