5tb courses collection [backup fast]

link - MEGA

Please Backup this


thanks a lot bro… things like these will be deleted or suspended after several hours so try to grab it now

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tnx bro. u realy cool man

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hey do u know how to bypass mega cloud limit??

Can anyone tell me how to backup it…I will be needing this resource but I don’t have a mega pro to backup. any suggestions?

make 3 to 5 mega account using Gmail and make using vpn to get 50 gb and back it up


Use tools like MegaBasterd and a VPN.

Thanks Abhishek_Verma

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Do you have made easy material with lectures for cs

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could u explain how to install and use this ?

How to use it? Any link?

Those who needs these, contact me.

i have 1 extra 15tb mega account.


DM’d u brother, can you help me out :slight_smile:

can anyone make a teamdrive for this plz make it


Hi brother, i need please

I need please. Thanks in advance!

Any one took backup? Please its been removed… appreciate if anybody can provide the back up link :frowning: :frowning:

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If you want to backup the whole 5tb in a single mega account then create a new account. you will have 50GB space
Install mega app on your cellphone
Open the link and simply import as it’s 5TB file so it will take time to get imported once done
you’ll see you have 5tb file in you 50gb space mega
PS: your data will last long max 3 months in your free account so keep that in mind!!!


But that mega link is expired,…do u have a backup fo it ?


link not working pls shared the backup link

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