500+ Best ChatGPT Prompts

:tada: Check out this amazing resource! :fire: The 500 ChatGPT Prompts are on Notion! :star2: Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to have some fun, these prompts are perfect for sparking conversation with AI. :speech_balloon: So why wait? Go ahead and explore the endless possibilities of ChatGPT today! :robot::thought_balloon:

Enjoy :crossed_fingers:


@Akash_Hasendra Nice share mate :heart:

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Thanks mate. These have helped me so much! They’re so much better than the sold ones.

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@Akash_Hasendra Thank you Any idea to backup this notion

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@cyberlad No option to backup. I have tried to duplicate it but admin already restricted and shared the link

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Is there anyway to duplicate this template notion?

Guys, you can just open all of the pages and right-click > print > save as pdf.
Easy Backup, but here’s the PDF Mega for Lazy A.:



awesome share …really loved it