5 Free University Computer Science Courses

There are a lot of ways to learn to code, but did you know that universities offer their courses online for FREE?!?!

Here are 5 of the best for you to get started programming off even go back and fill in any self taught blanks (we all have them :grinning:)

  1. Harvard CS50.net - this is how I learned to code properly nearly 15 years ago, as good now as it was then this the gold standard in online free university courses.
  2. Stanford CS101 - a close second is this course from the university at the beating heart of Silicon Valley
  3. MIT: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python - MIT is known the world over as a hub of high flying technical innovation, learn from their professors.
  4. University of British Columbia: How to code Simple Data - takes a unique approach to learning to code and focuses on deep fundamentals with clear practical application.
  5. University of Michigan: Programming for everybody and Python - uses the most popular beginner language to take you from no code to all the code :grinning:

If you’ve taken any of these leave a review in the comments to help new devs starting their journey.

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