5 Free Resume Builders (Unlimited CVs, No Watermarks)

1. Wozber (Web): Guided Resume Builder With CV-Writing Tips

Wozber also includes a built-in ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimization software. Add a job description to this, and it will check whether your resume is likely to get selected by an ATS system.

2. Reactive Resume (Web): Privacy-Friendly Free Resume Maker

The app creates a URL for every resume so you can share it online with anyone. When you update your resume, the link updates automatically.

3. Coffee Code Club (Web): No-Signup Simple and Customizable Resume Builder

Coffee Code Club supports Markdown language (hints are provided if you don’t know Markdown).

4. ResumeMaker.Online (Web): Mobile-Friendly Simple Resume Builder

Many online resume builders are made for desktop browsers, so ResumeMaker.Online (RMO) comes as a refreshing change with its mobile-friendly interface. You can build your whole resume from your phone.

5. Rhubarb (Web, Chrome): AI-Generated Resumes, Customized to Job Adverts

Currently, the Chrome extension works with Indeed, Greenhouse, Lever, Workable, and LinkedIn. It’ll analyze any job advert on these websites and import it to your Rhubarb account, and then match your skills and qualifications to the job description.


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