5 Apps That Will Change Your Life for the Better

With the right apps, you can use your smartphone to improve your wellness and leave a positive effect on your life.

1. I Am Sober iOS | Android

If you struggle with any kind of addiction, the I Am Sober app is a great download. While its main focus is drugs and alcohol, it has settings for every addiction you can think of. You can use the app to quit excessive screen time, caffeine, and more.

2. Daily Water Tracker Reminder iOS | Android

The Daily Water Tracker Reminder app will help you reach your daily hydration goals. You can create unlimited reminders within the app, which notify you to take a drink at specific times.

3. Gratitude iOS | Android

With Gratitude, you get a daily prompt to write about, and you can pick something from the day you’re grateful for. There is also a journal where you can write about whatever else you are thankful for in the current moment.

4. Forest iOS | Android ($3.99)

Forest is an app designed to help you avoid looking at your phone for a set period of time. To start, you set a timer for the desired amount of time you want to stay away from your phone. Then, when you stay away from your phone after the timer hits zero, a tree gets planted in your forest.

5. Insight Timer iOS | Android

Insight Timer is one of the most popular meditation apps available. Not only does this app have a great meditation timer, but it also features thousands of courses that can help you add mindfulness to your daily life.

While the outcome of these apps vary, at the end of the day, you are the one who has to follow through and stick to your new wellness goals.

Do you have any apps worth mentioning?


I use this to put all image in reference in a go without saving, Just copy paste any image u see in it; this is also used to create Mood boards in Desgin and used by many designers


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