450+ Youtube Essential Library v6


It works with After Effects, Final Cut and even Davinci Resolve. All parameters can be edited in a few minutes. Adjust colors so they match your identity and all that is left for you is to shoot your video!

View Library - https://easyedit.pro/packs/ae/youtube-essential-library
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Password: doozy

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Thanks for sharing :hugs:

Thanks for sharing, Does it work in premier pro? if yes then please guid

Yes it does.

Instructions available inside the file.

It’s for After Effects bro, I checked, we can’t use it in premier, there is different version for premier pro,

but this one particularly for After effects

Oh ok.

I’ll change the description to reflect accordingly.

great, can you share the premier pro version too? It will be very helpful

this is the link for premier pro version

Older but…