450+ Youtube Essential Library v6


It works with After Effects, Final Cut and even Davinci Resolve. All parameters can be edited in a few minutes. Adjust colors so they match your identity and all that is left for you is to shoot your video!

View Library - https://easyedit.pro/packs/ae/youtube-essential-library
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Password: doozy

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Thanks for sharing :hugs:

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Thanks for sharing, Does it work in premier pro? if yes then please guid

Yes it does.

Instructions available inside the file.

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It’s for After Effects bro, I checked, we can’t use it in premier, there is different version for premier pro,

but this one particularly for After effects

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Oh ok.

I’ll change the description to reflect accordingly.

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Older but…

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Both link dead, can you upload this file again, please

All the links are dead. Anyone with a working link ?

Page Not found… please share new links :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hi @Sibijay
Thank you very much for sharing it
Can I use it with Filmora from Wondershare?

I’m afraid you cannot.

But Filmora by itself has loads of presets available to download. Don’t really need anything else :slight_smile:

It’s a beautiful software and has a simplistic approach for both newbies and professionals alike.

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Thank you very much for your attention and answer.
I’m in a learning process, and I need to see if I will use Filmora, DaVinci Resolve or OBS, theses days until I finishes the process of my leaning I’m using Clipchamp and Canva, but I saw one that can be good also CapCut.

Filmora - Super easy
DaVinci - Plethora of settings
OBS - Powerful, but has a steep learning curve.

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I (may) suggest Camtasia 2021/22 or 2020. Awesome tools, straight to the matter, no clutter, no fancy stuff, just the enough powerforce to make a very decent video.
I some of you speak Spanish I can post a tutorial on the matter.

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heres the link
doozy as always
Says thanks to Sibijay. Yes? Bye!


Saved for reupload when needed ><


files are not longer available Bro. plz …

can someone provide link of this

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