3x Duolingo plus/super giveaway

Yes, I am feeling generous.

Again these will be cracked/hacked accounts, so they may or may not last a lifetime.

How to enter?

Just comment down below and tell that why do you want them.

In case the accounts don’t work or they are patched before being given away, I will make a thread in which you will know how to get deepL premium for lifetime.

New members (first post) are not eligible for this giveaway

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This might help me to learn new languages like Hindi, German and french etc… So, in future I can speak to my beloved brother who helped me a lot.

Thanks for this giveaway dear @Agent_XI

- By Harish Mahadev :hearts:


Thanks for Giveaway!
It will help me to learn 2 new languages, so I’ll able to speak fluently, watch movies/courses + travel and don’t worry, if people understand me, when I’ll be in new country. :smile:

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Thanks for sharing!
I’ll use it to learn new language and also improve my English competency.

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just share it. how many accounts are there?

Many thanks for sharing.
I require this because I have an upcoming IELTS exam.

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Hi, first of all thanks foryour generosity …
Ive been trying to learn german for a while, so Duolingo plus woulb ve really helpful to me… and good luck to everyone else.

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I need it as i want to enhance my communication Skills

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Need it to prepare for my immigration tests…hope it can help me improve my verbal vocabulary…thanks in advance…

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Thank you for Giveaway bro!

I am not commenting for offer. Plz only comment when you are dedicated and passionate about learning language. Not for free material and for increasing your collection.

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3, and I won’t share since some jerk would change their passwords. So win it

delete the post then. It will make it easy to input names to the wheel.

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Thank you for this giveaway

Can’t wait to learn some new language with ease!

I want you only my baby oooo I want you only

I will end this giveaway tmrw as I m busy today

@Agent_XI Sikiram announce Pannu pa. Wait panna mudiyila ( Announce the winner quickly bro… I can’t wait eagerly :rofl: )

what do you mean bruh?

lol ok ok, man. Let’s see